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Decorated soldier Captain Colter Stevens wakes up in the body of an unknown man, discovering he's involved in a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train. He learns he's part of a top-secret experimental program that enables him to experience the final 8 minutes of another person's life. Colter re-lives the train incident over and over again, gathering more clues each time. But can he discover who is responsible for the attack before the next one happens?

When is, was Source Code released?

The movies Source Code was or is released on 30 March 2011  

Who wrote, directed, produced Source Code?

The writer for this movies was Ben Ripley The director for Source Code was Duncan Jones The producer was Mark Gordon  

When is or was Source Code Released on DVD or Bluray?

Source Code is or was available to buy on DVD or Bluray by Unknown  

How much did Source Code Cost to make?

The budget for Source Code was approximately $32,000,000.00  

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Source Code is classed as a Thriller, Science Fiction, Mystery movie, has a runtime of 93 and scores a on IMDB

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