Pitch Perfect Get pitch slapped.

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College student Beca knows she does not want to be part of a clique, but that's exactly where she finds herself after arriving at her new school. Thrust in among mean gals, nice gals and just plain weird gals, Beca finds that the only thing they have in common is how well they sing together. She takes the women of the group out of their comfort zone of traditional arrangements and into a world of amazing harmonic combinations in a fight to the top of college music competitions.

When is, was Pitch Perfect released?

The movies Pitch Perfect was or is released on 28 September 2012  

Who wrote, directed, produced Pitch Perfect?

The writer for this movies was Unknown The director for Pitch Perfect was Jason Moore The producer was Max Handelman  

When is or was Pitch Perfect Released on DVD or Bluray?

Pitch Perfect is or was available to buy on DVD or Bluray by Unknown  

How much did Pitch Perfect Cost to make?

The budget for Pitch Perfect was approximately $17,000,000.00  

More useful information about Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect is classed as a Comedy, Music, Romance movie, has a runtime of 112 and scores a on IMDB

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