Inception Your mind is the scene of the crime.

2010-148 min-Action, Thriller, Science Fiction, Mystery, Adventure-View more information about Inception on IMDb - New Movies on DVD


Cobb, a skilled thief who commits corporate espionage by infiltrating the subconscious of his targets is offered a chance to regain his old life as payment for a task considered to be impossible: "inception", the implantation of another person's idea into a target's subconscious.

When is, was Inception released?

The movies Inception was or is released on 14 July 2010  

Who wrote, directed, produced Inception?

The writer for this movies was Unknown The director for Inception was Christopher Nolan The producer was Emma Thomas  

When is or was Inception Released on DVD or Bluray?

Inception is or was available to buy on DVD or Bluray by Unknown  

How much did Inception Cost to make?

The budget for Inception was approximately $160,000,000.00  

More useful information about Inception

Inception is classed as a Action, Thriller, Science Fiction, Mystery, Adventure movie, has a runtime of 148 and scores a on IMDB

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