Hot Fuzz Big cops. Small town. Moderate violence.

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Top London cop, PC Nicholas Angel is good. Too good. To stop the rest of his team from looking bad, he is reassigned to the quiet town of Sandford, paired with simple country cop, and everything seems quiet until two actors are found decapitated. It is addressed as an accident, but Angel isn't going to accept that, especially when more and more people turn up dead.

When is, was Hot Fuzz released?

The movies Hot Fuzz was or is released on 14 February 2007  

Who wrote, directed, produced Hot Fuzz?

The writer for this movies was Unknown The director for Hot Fuzz was Edgar Wright The producer was Nira Park  

When is or was Hot Fuzz Released on DVD or Bluray?

Hot Fuzz is or was available to buy on DVD or Bluray by Unknown  

How much did Hot Fuzz Cost to make?

The budget for Hot Fuzz was approximately Unknown  

More useful information about Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz is classed as a Crime, Action, Comedy movie, has a runtime of 121 and scores a on IMDB

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