Death Becomes Her In one small bottle... The fountain of youth. The secret of eternal life. The power of an ancient potion. Sometimes it works... sometimes it doesn't.

1992-104 min-Fantasy, Comedy-View more information about Death Becomes Her on IMDb - New Movies on DVD


Madeline is married to Ernest, who was once arch-rival Helen's fiance. After recovering from a mental breakdown, Helen vows to kill Madeline and steal back Ernest. Unfortunately for everyone, the introduction of a magic potion causes things to be a great deal more complicated than a mere murder plot.

When is, was Death Becomes Her released?

The movies Death Becomes Her was or is released on 30 July 1992  

Who wrote, directed, produced Death Becomes Her?

The writer for this movies was Martin Donovan The director for Death Becomes Her was Robert Zemeckis The producer was Robert Zemeckis  

When is or was Death Becomes Her Released on DVD or Bluray?

Death Becomes Her is or was available to buy on DVD or Bluray by Unknown  

How much did Death Becomes Her Cost to make?

The budget for Death Becomes Her was approximately Unknown  

More useful information about Death Becomes Her

Death Becomes Her is classed as a Fantasy, Comedy movie, has a runtime of 104 and scores a on IMDB

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